Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Decorating Is So Relaxing For Me

Decorating Is Very Beneficial For Mental Health

I have never been someone who decorates much; my room is the same eggshell white that the real estate agent painted it nine years ago when we bought the house. Never has a teenage heartthrob or vampire graced my walls nor an inspirational picture of a kitten telling me to “just hang in there”. To me, my room was a place of functionality, a place to work and to sleep but not much else. The problem was that as a place of work it was not great at keeping me focused, I’d look up from my laptop and see stark walls, and my mind would become blank, my arms restless, and I would want to be anywhere but at my desk.

It was complete happenstance that I stumbled upon this poster when I did. I was doing a research project on computer scientist Grace Hopper and found an artist's rendition of the 16 greatest female scientists and inventors in history. It featured visionaries like Ada Lovelace the first computer programmer in the history of the world and Rosalind Franklin whose contributions to the discovery of the double helix went unrecognized until after her death. These women faced great discrimination but never wavered in their love of exploring the edge of human knowledge, simply because it was their passion especially when I'm looking for decorating inspiration.

I have never been one to request things for the holiday’s or even share my interests, but that year the only thing that I wanted was a copy of that poster. When I received it as a present, my parents went so far as to have it framed because they could tell how deeply it touched me. Now my walls may still be unbearably white, but in a place of prominence is that poster that I have spent more hours then I care to admit staring at and being moved by the strength and fortitude of the women who I admire.

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